I found the following paper by the TU Munchen an interesting development in the maturity of Enterprise Architecture Management, a catalog of EAM patterns:
*** From their website ***
The EAM Pattern Catalog identifies the dependencies between individual management concerns (Which goal is to be achieved for which stakeholders?), management methodologies (Which activities are required to address a given concern?), supporting viewpoints (Which diagrams, figures, tables, listings, etc. help stakeholders to collaboratively perform these activities?), and information models (Which information is required to generate a particular viewpoint?).
Methodologies, viewpoints and information model fragments are called EAM patterns: They describe possible solutions for recurring problems that can and may have to be adapted to a specific enterprise context.
The EAM Pattern Catalog identifies best practices by focusing on concerns, methodology patterns (M-Patterns), viewpoint patterns (V-Patterns) and information model patterns (I-Patterns), which are considered relevant by experienced practitioners and are also supported by literature. Anti patterns document recurring solutions, which have proven not to work in practice in order to prevent typical mistakes in EA management. These patterns are accompanied by a comprehensive glossary defining the concepts used therein.
*** End from their website ***

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