The Enterprise Architect has a hard job, defending long-term goals against ad hoc projects. To arm the Enterprise Architect the following guerrilla tactics could be used when the friendly and formal approach did not do the job. 

Maybe not to be used, but at least something laugh (and think) about.

Top 10 guerrilla tactics 

  1. Be on the side of power 
  2. Chaos is your friend! 
  3. Take Enterprise aspects for hostage 
  4. Starve the project architects 
  5. Bury Architecture Collaborators alive 
  6. Compromise Rogue managers 
  7. Blow-up wrong projects 
  8. Spread viral gossips 
  9. Create an Architecture ambush 
  10. Hide your true intentions

These inspirational tactics were presented by Cor Baars, during my Master of Science in IT Architecture in 2007. 

What´s your thought? Do you use any of these in practice (for all you anonymous out there), have you got any more/better?

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