I already blogged about Prezi back in 2009, and it’s still here. For those of you who haven’t heard of Prezi before, it’s a zooming presentation editor. It allows you to visually aid your presentation by focusing on the things that you want your audience to take with them. Not a boring static presentation filled with tons of text that just beats the interest out of your audience.

Sure, when you follow the presentation rules of Steve Jobs and/or from the book Slide:ology which is a TED suggested book on how to make effective presentations. Both sources of howto’s come down to first defining a storyline and than creating the (bare minimal) visual aids to support your story.

So where does this bring this blog posting on a résumé? Simple, it’s the article “The Cloud Will Kill The Resume, And That’s a Good Thing” I also tweeted about back in April. The article states that the paper résumé is something that will belong to the past, now the visual and social age are here. This led me to experiment myself with some of the new technology capabilities that are currently available. Naturally I have a LinkedIn profile, but I wanted to go one step further in showing my personality.

I used Prezi since 2009 for multiple presentations and liked the ease of use and effectiveness of the presentation tools. When I had to create a presentation for the IBM IT Architecture certification board I created a Prezi with my life’s history anyway. So I spend a bit of time extra and voila; Behold  my Prézimé (a portmanteau of Prezi and résumé).

I also like the infographic style résumé from re.vu. Re.vu allows you to import your data from LinkedIn, edit and append it with additional information that allows you to express who you are in a more free format. I’ve also experimented with this one, see re.vu/edwinschouten.

So, what’s your thought on leaving the paper résumé behind and using one of these (or other) résumé 2.0 tools? Any tips to share?

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