This year will be the year of hybrid – both hybrid IT and hybrid cloud – as well as the year that platform as a service (PaaS) starts to mature and bare fruits. As usual, at IBM we have a lot of valuable insight to share. This blog post adds seven more white papers to the 8 IBM white papers on Cloud not to be missed, shared with you in December 2012.

Platform as a Service, the next frontier

2013 is deemed the year of platform as a service (PaaS) by many, here are two recent white papers on the value and possibilities with PaaS for enterprises.

  • Improving Software Delivery with DevOps and the Cloud.
    Learn how to close the gap between developers and operations using tools and processes: get started with DevOps! This white paper is a collection of the very best blog posts on DevOps and takes you through both the basics and more advanced use cases to get agility back in your IT.
  • Exploring the frontiers of cloud computing, Insights from Platform-as-a-Service pioneers
    An increasing number of pioneers are seeing the advantages of PaaS and are blazing the trail with early adoption. What they’ve done — and where they plan to go — can provide valuable insight into what PaaS can do for the business. This white paper provides you with insights and examples worth emulating for those who seek to improve their speed to market while reducing risk.

And don’t forget the two white papers in the previous blog post 8 IBM white papers on Cloud not to be missed.

Cloud Computing Reference Architecture

IBM has defined the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA) based on years of experience of working with customers who have implemented cloud-computing solutions. The IBM CCRA is a blueprint or guide for architecting cloud-computing implementations. It is driven by functional and nonfunctional requirements that are collected from many cloud-computing implementations. IBM CCRA provides guidelines and technical work products, such as service and deployment models, and has defined the overarching implementations as adoption patterns.

  • IBM SmartCloud: Building a Cloud Enabled Data Center.
    The IBM Redguide publication details the Cloud Enabled Data Center adoption pattern and describes how you can use it to define an IaaS solution. This guide is intended for chief technology officers, data center architects, IT architects, and application architects who want to understand the cloud-computing infrastructure necessary to support their applications and services by using an IaaS solution.
  • IBM SmartCloud: Becoming a Cloud Service Provider
    This IBM Redguide publication details the business and technology choices companies make when they enter the cloud service provider space. It introduces various cloud service provider business models and shows how to apply them to your business. This guide provides guidance about the definition, architecture, and deployment of cloud computing environments.

Risk Management & Business Resilience

Independent of the technical solution you will use to support the business, you will need to manage any residual risks as well as ensure a fit solution for your business resilience.

  • Source Business Technology Resiliency Capabilities
    This Forrester Market Overview of Global Resiliency Consultancies , Q3 2011 outlines the landscape of management consultancies: traditional IT outsourcers, technology providers, and IT service providers, all of which compete to provide business resiliency consulting services on a global scale for large, complex enterprises.

By Edwin Schouten, find out more on or follow me via @schoutene.

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