How a drama slowly turns into a fairy tale

In our last episode, Polly and Bob saw the light. Things need to change! During the annual company kick-off, they even had a pleasant conversation – granted, it was under the pleasant influence of a couple tequilas, but the result still stands. They are no longer angry; they understand each other and have realized that they need to cooperate in order to resolve the situation. In the end, they decide to bring in an external IT service provider to bring their IT environment in line with their business.

In this episode, you will read how this drama slowly turns into a fairy tale. How IT Manager Bob and Sales Director Polly increasingly confer and collaborate.

The future already looks so much brighter for GigaFood. Finally, business and IT are working together. Polly and Bob realize that they need each other to solve their problems, make their daily jobs a whole lot easier and help GigaFood get ahead. That’s why they touch base regularly. What data does Polly need in order to make the right strategic decisions? Can Bob suggest any applications that can help her with that? Polly and Bob collaborate closely, based on the same objectives and budget. That approach strongly encourages them to invest in applications that provide added value in business and IT at the same time.

The external service provider has nicely cleaned up the data center in close consultation with Bob. They have drastically decreased the number of systems. In particular by migrating commodity systems to the cloud: either to external cloud infrastructure and platform suppliers, or as complete cloud services. The core applications containing business-critical data are still run within the company in order to comply with the strict compliance and security requirements that apply to some applications and associated data.

The walls between business and IT are slowly crumbling. Bob is no longer spending every waking hour on ad-hoc issues involving maintaining security, configuring tools, adding capacity and dealing with server outages. It’s great! And he hardly has to give a single thought to managing the cloud applications, because that is in the capable hands of the external cloud supplier. Bob even has time to spare. Time to focus on streamlining business-critical applications, gain more in-depth knowledge of various cloud services and cloud suppliers, and take more opportunities to drink a nice cup of cappuccino with his co-worker Polly, who he appreciates more and more.

Bob and Polly increasingly manage to find common ground, not just to solve issues but also to start new projects. ‘How can I filter information from specific business transactions in order to increase my sales, for instance by checking which items are popular for our customers in a specific age group? And I would like to address Millennials as a new target group by launching a mobile app.’ Yes, Polly sure knows how to find Bob. After all, he’s the one who is able to solve her business issues by proposing appropriate IT solutions.

By now, Bob is thinking further into the future. How can I control and manage my data center and cloud services as a single environment, for instance by implementing a hybrid IT broker in order to facilitate ordering IT services? And are there any more joint projects I can start with Polly…?

And if you can´t wait for the next episode and want to start now transforming your business in a hybrid IT environment, register for BusinessConnect and read IBM´s Hybrid Cloud for Dummies ebook.

First posted on LinkedIn Pulse.

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