Schouten, E. (2016) Enterprise IT Brokerage, IBM Whitepaper

Schouten, E. (2013) IBM® SmartCloud® Essentials, Packt Publishing Enterprise, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Salamone, S., Schouten, E., Vernier, D., Elder, M., Fred, A. M., Ryding, J. (2012) Improving Software Delivery with DevOps and the Cloud, online publication at IBM

Div. (2012) Groeistuipen van Cloud Computing, online publication by Heliview and ABN AMRO

Schouten, E. (2006) Recommendations on an Architecture Delivery Framework for IBM Benelux, Master of Science in IT Architecture thesis at Middlesex University, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Articles (Printed Press)

Article for IBM Inspire Magazine (Netherlands), Lang leve de verandering! (2015).

A day in the life of… (2014) for the first edition of The IBMer (Netherlands), the IBM internal magazine for and by IBMers.

Social Media

Blogger with featured posts internationally on WIRED Insight, The Atlantic, Thoughts on Cloud, and Find the best Path and nationally (The Netherlands) on Computable,, Dutch IT Channel, iBestuur and A Smarter Planet.

My twitter feed is featured as part of the IBM Voices data stream and website, read more about IBM Voices on this blog post.

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