Breaking through the Clouds

A new cloud order is emerging Enterprises are placing public cloud services in the center of their hosting strategies. Cloud services are used next to existing private cloud and traditional IT services. This so-called ‘Hybrid IT’ is driving the need for a (cloud) service brokerage model. This model which integrates multiple cloud service providers in…

8 IBM White Papers on Cloud not to be missed.

The new year is approaching so it’s “create your list” time so it seems. In my blog post Big Data “as a Service”, featured on The Atlantic, I stated that “Insight + Hindsight = Foresight”, so I’ll take a different approach to making my own list here.

Cloud does not take all!

Let’s set the record straight, cloud computing can mean a whole lot for your business but is not a ‘magic sauce’ you pour over your current IT environment that makes all your problems go away. Similar as with outsourcing, as an organization you need to know what you’re doing with your IT and retain architectural…

DevOps and the Cloud

Originally written for and posted on One of the hot topics around these days in IT is DevOps. But what is it exactly, why would I want it, and if so, how do I get it? This blog post discusses these three questions; it’s up to you to decide when you start using it.