IBM SmartCloud Enterprise unleashed II

Originally written for and posted on This blog posting will elaborate some of the capabilities of SmartCloud Enterprise and detail some usage scenarios. The usage scenarios show you what different types of functionality can be offered by combining SmartCloud Enterprise capabilities with and without third-party capabilities to get ready business functionality.

Top 10 technology trends…according to VC’s

I just read this GigaOm blog post on the top 10 technology trends for next 5 years according to venture capitalists (VC’s). I fully agree with the title, some are a bit wacky at first sight! But most make total sense and are also currently picked up by the big IT firms, like IBM.

DevOps and the Cloud

Originally written for and posted on One of the hot topics around these days in IT is DevOps. But what is it exactly, why would I want it, and if so, how do I get it? This blog post discusses these three questions; it’s up to you to decide when you start using it.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise unleashed

Named no. 7 most popular post in 2012 on by @IBMCloud. A lot of information is available about IBM SmartCloud Enterprise capabilities, but it’s not always easy to find. This blog post contains an overview of the capabilities of, and how to use and configure IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to fit your business needs and…